60-minute Strategy Call

Have you poured your heart and soul into your projects, but know your sales and marketing content donโ€™t really communicate your value? Struggling to get people to that โ€œaha!โ€ moment fast enough? We're here to help. Show us what isnโ€™t working โ€” be it your firm's website, the email marketing campaigns youโ€™re sending out, or your social media accounts. Weโ€™ll identify the weak spots and opportunities to boost conversions. Youโ€™ll walk away with a list of actionable takeaways you or your in-house marketer can apply immediately.

Vanity Projects is doing the most important work in making architecture relevant right now.
Nic Brunsdon

What you can expect:

  • 60-minute video conversation via Zoom

  • Video recording of the call

  • Transcript of the call for easy reference

  • One week follow-up via email to see how implementationโ€™s going

What we need from you:

  • A best date and time for a 60-minute call

  • An invitation to view your Google Analytics dashboard

  • Access to past newsletters (if necessary)