Paid Social Advertising

Fighting the algorithm to reach your audience? Promote your latest projects to potential clients in your area on Facebook and Instagram.

With social networking booming, there are new and powerful ways to leverage targeted advertising across social platforms. Between Facebook and Instagram, architects have a way to reach extremely targeted audiences with native advertising. Now architects can take advantage of deep demographic and interest-based targeting, while also using custom audiences to reach people who have already shown an interest in their projects. This opens up amazing opportunities for firms to grow their brand awareness.

Powerful Targeting Via Custom Audiences
Using both Facebook and Instagram, architects can utilise custom audiences to target people that already have a connection with your firm. For example, you can target previous visitors of your website, connections of current clients, or people interacting with your social media posts. Both social networks have robust platforms that enable companies to set up advanced campaigns with precise targeting. Social advertising has come a long way over the past several years, yet many companies in our industry are still not taking advantage of its power. Using custom audiences is a great example of how far social targeting has come.


Our Philosophy on Social Advertising

  • Social advertising can absolutely be a powerful component in a rounded digital marketing strategy for any architecture firm.
  • The Facebook Ad platform provides robust options for targeting the right audience based on the data they have access to. Architects should take advantage of that.
  • Custom audiences are amazing for getting your message back in front of an audience that already has a connection with your projects and services.
  • Native advertising can be a powerful way to get a targeted message in front of your audience, without looking like an "advertiser".
  • Mobile is the majority of web traffic, and social advertising provides key ways to reach users across mobile devices.

Vanity Projects offers the following social advertising services:

  • Social Advertising Strategy
    Vanity Projects will develop a social advertising strategy based on your goals. Depending on the strategy, this could include advertising across Facebook and Instagram.
  • Campaign Setup and Testing
    Includes analysing and then targeting a specific audience via both demographic and interest-based targeting. Developing ad creative that matches the audience segment being targeted, and setting up campaigns across each platform.
  • Building Custom Audiences
    Mapping out and building the necessary custom audiences across Facebook and Instagram. This enables your firm to reach a targeted audience that has already shown an interest in your firm.
  • Campaign Management Across Platforms
    Continually managing social campaigns in order to increase ROI. Split testing ad creative and refining audience targeting to improve campaign performance month-to-month.
  • Analysis and Reporting
    Analyse campaign performance, build reports on request, and review final campaign statistics in order to understand ROI and to improve future campaigns.