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ArchDaily, Dezeen, DesignMilk + 47 more

We'll help you save countless hours crafting and sending the perfect pitch email.


About This Tool

Have a new project to pitch to the design media? Our automated tool allows you to quickly and easily submit a pitch letter to the top architecture and design publications on the web. Simply fill in the blanks, and we will do the rest. No need to spend hours upon hours looking for email addresses and sending dozens of emails - we did the work for you. This tool was born out of our frustration manually emailing each publication to tell them about our client's buildings.

Give it a try and submit your building to 50 top architecture websites today!

Here's a few of the 50 leading architecture publications we will submit to.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do any additional copy editing when you submit?

No, we review the draft (to avoid troll-submissions) then send.

How much does this cost?

It's free to submit your project. However, since each submission is reviewed manually, this may change in the future.

Do you have to fill out a new email template for each publication?

Nope, you only need to fill out the template once.

Does the email to the publication come from me?

No, it comes from our address, however replies will go directly to you.

Will I get a copy of the pitch email?

Yes, we will CC you into the email.

I am a publisher or editor. How can I add my publication to your list?

Submit a request via live chat.

Where does the list of publications come from?

We hand curated the list through hours of research.

Am I guaranteed a response?

Of course not. We are just the messenger.

Can you help me to describe my project?

If you would like help from our copywriter, get in touch via live chat.

I'm a journalist, how can I stop receiving these emails?

Contact us via live chat and we'll remove you from our list.